Morning Assembly - Mothers Day Celebration




Mothers are an epitome of love, sacrifice and inspiration. God made them so that they could nourish a life and help it to become a full fledged human being. Without her, the seed of life would dry up and would be of no consequence.

To mark the Mother's Day, a special morning assembly was devoted to the mothers. To instill love and regard for mothers, a homage was paid to motherhood with dance and drama show by the students of class X-A.

The poems recited by the students made mothers sit on the highest pedestal and inspired the children to rever them forever.

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Special Assembly on Mothers Day (Senior Wing)

Mother's Day

A Fancy Dress Competition was organized on the occasion of Mother Day for the classes VI to VIII to commemorate mothers' day. Students showed their respect and love for their mothers in the form of role play. The Principal congratulated the students for their commendable efforts and presentation.

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A Special Assembly on Earth Week (Senior Wing)

A Special Assembly on Earth Week

A Special Morning Assembly was conducted by Harmony House on 25th April 2019 to commemorate the Earth Week Celebration. The assembly started with recitation of beautiful poems by Dhanpragya and Kanshika. Later, a small skit was performed by class X -A students. They made the gathering aware of the consequences of deforestation.

The winners of different competitions held in the school during the Earth Week were given the  prizes. The Student of The Year awardee Shubra Garg of class XII was felicitated. The assembly culminated with the National Anthem.
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Morning Assembly (5.4.2019)

                                                                  Morning Assembly

A special morning assembly was conducted on 05.04.19 by Unity House. Students, while welcoming the new session , expressed their gratitude towards their teachers and the school .They also gave vent to their new aspirations for the new session. Thought of the day was shared . News was read by the students . Assembly was culminated with National Anthem

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Welcome Assembly (4-4.-2019)

Morning Assembly

"Every End is a new beginning"

As the new session began, the students of Grade VI to VIII of MDPS, gathered together for the welcome assembly. The Morning Assembly started with the prayer to seek the blessings of the almighty. The assembly was anchored by Chirag of VIII ? A. The students were updated with the news by Akshat of VIII - C. Srishti of VIII-A and Mehak of VII ? B recited beautiful poems on 'New Beginning'. At the end Taashu of VIII-D shared a motivational thought that inspired them to welcome each day as a new beginning and to chase their dreams. It was indeed a wonderful start to the session 2019-20.

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Morning Assembly (Primary wing)

A special assembly was conducted on 2nd April, 2019 to welcome the students of primary classes to the new and cheerful session, by the students of class V-A. They recited poems in Hindi and English to mark the occasion. The thought on respect of Teachers and Parents was also shared with the students. It served as an effective mode for the starting of new session. 

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Good Luck Assembly 2018-19

Wishing God Luck to CBSE Board Aspirants 2018-19

A Good Luck Assembly was conducted by the students of Grade X and XI to extend their warm wishes and good luck to Grade X & XII students on 31st January, 2019 on the school ground.

The students of Grade XI presented some performances to make the students feel relieved from their examination stress. The play performed by the students of XIC in which they depicted the journey of 14 years in the school, mesmerized the students. Some of the students got overwhelmed. The choir of XIB and A presented a mash-up to display their fraternity with their seniors. Muskaan Jindal, Raunak Uppal and Riya Khanna delivered the emotional speeches in which they showed their gratitude to the teachers for their able guidance and all the hard work they do for the career and character building of their pupils.

Ms. Nutan Gupta, Sr. Co-ordinator wished the students good luck on behalf of the management and teachers. She urged the students to work hard and bring laurels for their parents, teachers and society.

It was indeed a memorable event for one and all.
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Special Assembly on Republic Day

Special Assembly On Republic Day Celebration

This year, the 70th Republic Day was celebrated with great pomp and show in Mother Divine Public School on 25th January ?2019. All the students  of grades 1st to 9th assembled on the school ground.. The entire school ground was resplendent in the shades of tricolor. The ceremony began with the hoisting of the tricolour- the pride of Nation. This was followed by our National Anthem. Ritwik of Class V and Anshita Singh, Prashi Verma of Class XI delivered eloquent speeches respectively. Students of middle grades updated everyone with current affairs .The festivities commenced on a musical note.  The group song-'Ae Watan'  by students of middle and primary grades played a note which reverberated everyone with the feelings of patriotism. Oshin Bhatia of class XI and Naman Jain of class V , pulled together threads of the palette and anchored  the function really well. The dance performance by primary wing enthralled the audience .The melodious  solo song by Shivaansh of  Class V struck the right chords and received great applause. Ayush of Class V, brought soul to the poem on Bhaghat Singh which gave goosebumps. Ayushi of Class VII recited very beautiful poem. Last but not the least ?Patriotic Show? by students of Class III brought a feeling of proud and awe amongst the audience .

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Special Assembly on Christmas Celebration 2018


"Peace on Earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas everyday."

The much awaited festival of Christmas was celebrated with great zeal by the students on 24th December, 2018. The students presented an array of programmes. To fill the moment with joy, the students of class VIII, IX and XI presented wonderful carols. A thought provoking speech was given by Diksha of class XI-E.

At the end, Yatharth of XI-A showcased his talent of beat boxing. The children were filled with joy and excitement. 
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National Unity Day - Assembly

National Unity Day

Wednesday 31 October, 2018 was celebrated as National Unity Day (Rastriya Ekta Diwas) on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. A special assembly was organized to support the cause of promoting unity and celebrating 'National Unity Day' in the school premises. The pledge was taken by the students. The idea was to infuse the young generation with values integrated with the knowledge and pride in the Indian heritage.
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