150th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi



Oct. 1, 2018

Happiness is when what you think, what you say

and what you do are in Harmony     ? Mahatma Gandhi

Mother Divine Public School, Sec. 3, Rohini conducted special assembly to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi's 150th Birth Anniversary.

An array of activities were held on this occasion, students delivered speeches highlighting the Principles of Mahatma Gandhi, movements launched by him such as Dandi March, Champaran Episode, Quit India & Non Cooperation Movement.

As Gandhiji dreamt of clean & developed India, students also took pledge to keep themselves, their surroundings, school, locality & home clean. They took oath to take initiative to devote their time & volunteer to work for cleanliness. The event culminated with Gandhiji's favourite prayer 'Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram'


Be the change that you want to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi

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Assembly 24-8-2018

Special Assembly


 A Morning Assembly was conducted by Vigour House on 24th august, 2018. It was anchored by Shubra of XI-C.  The news bulletin was presented by the students of XI-C. Throwing light on significance of Sadbhavna Divas Ritika of XI- E delivered a speech. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, Aarti of XI-E recited a poem expressing the spirit of festivity.

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Independence Day Celebration (Primary Wing)


 A special assembly was conducted on 14th August, 2018 to mark the  Independence Day Celebration with great enthusiasm in the school. The ceremony started with the flag hosting in the school playground by the director Ms. Anju Mehta, the in-charges Ms. Nutan Gupta and Ms. Priyanka Luthra. A short and crisp speech on Independence Day was delivered by a student of grade V. Children sang patriotic songs. Students portrayed themselves as Freedom Fighters such as Annie Besant, Jhalkari Bai, Aruna Asaf Ali, Ram Prasad Bismil. This was followed by a colourful dance performance by students. These performances filled the air with national pride. 
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Independence Day Celebration (Nursery Wing)

Independence Day Celebration

To commemorate the sacrifices of our ancestors made and to pay tribute to their laborious efforts 72nd Independence day was celebrated in Mother Divine Public School, Nursery Wing on 14th August 2018 i.e Tuesday with great Zeal and Enthusiasm. Ms. Anju Mehta graced the occasion and presided as the chief guest. Indian tricolor was unfurled after which a cultural program began. The speeches, songs, dance performances left everyone spellbound. The school choir enthralled the audience with the patriotic song "Saare Jaha Se Achaa..."

The highlight of the program was the enactment of the Indian freedom struggle which is still carried in LOC. This colorful presentation received much deserved applause from the spectators . The zeal and zest shown by the students proved that every Indian whether a child or an adult valued the freedom that India has secured after innumerable sacrifices. Motivational & encouraging words from the chief guest Ms Anju Mehta and Nursery Head Ms. Seema Sharma enlightened everyone.

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Special Assembly on Independence Day Celebration

Special Assembly - Independence Day

"Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it....

It ties with the last breath of each soldiers who protecting."


Harmony House conducted a special assembly on the occasion of 72nd Independence Day. Students of class VIII to XII performed songs, poems and speeches to show their love for the nation. There was patriotism in the air and the three colours of the flag could be spotted all around.
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Morning Assembly - 4.5.2018

                  MORNING ASSEMBLY 4.5.18

The morning assembly on 4.5.18 was conducted by Vigour House . Ashish Bansal of class XII D was the anchor. Anisha of class X C presented the news headlines Palak Goyal  of  class X C presented the ?Thought of the Day?. She told the students that along with the education of mind, education of heart was also important.

It was followed by a beautiful poem recital on summer season by Mitali Sharma of IX C. To enlighten the students about the significance of International Space Day , Bharat Kumar spoke on the topic.

Two students Himanshi Pandey and Aditi Negi presented Sanskrit Shlokas in the assembly which won them the first prize in the Inter-School Competition.



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Special Assembly on Road Safety Week (27.4.2018)

Special Assembly (27.4.2018)

A special assembly was held on the occasion of Road Safety Week. The anchor was Prachi of class XIIE. Naina of class IXA enlightened the students about the news headlines which was followed by thought of the day presented by Naman of the same class. Another child Tejas spoke on the theme of Road Safety and significance of following the Traffic Rules.

The icing on the cake was the street play presented by the students of class XIIC which highlighted the trend prevalent among young generation who flout traffic rules. The children demonstrated how the situation could be improved if everyone followed the norms such as avoiding drunken driving, not jumping traffic signals, wearing seat-belts and helmets for personal safety and driving within stipulated speed limit. All the students attending the assembly enjoyed the event thoroughly. The assembly came to an end with the recital of National Anthem.    

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Assembly 26.4.2018

Morning Assembly (26.4.2018)

The morning assembly was conducted by students of class VI-D. Dhanpragya was the anchor and the news headlines were shared by Mansi.

The thought of the day was presented by Kartik and at the end a poem was recited by Rehan and Tanish.

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Assembly 25.4.2018

Morning Assembly (25.4.2018)

The morning assembly was conducted by students of class VI-C. Kanishka was the anchor and the news headlines were shared by Pratham.

The thought of the day was presented by Tanishka and at the end a poem was recited by Prakriti on the theme 'Mother Earth'.

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Assembly 24-4-2018

Morning Assembly - 24th April, 2018

An assembly was conducted on 24.4.2018 by the students of grade V-C. The children expressed their beautiful views about the urgent need to Save Earth.

Ritwik gave a speech and Prachi recited a poem on 'Mother Earth'. Bani and Kartik explained the new meaning of Earth to the students. In addition the students also marched on the stage holding the placards depicting captivating slogans on the importance of nature. 
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