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Parent Teacher Meeting will be held on 25-08-2018 (LKG to XII)


SECTOR-3 ROHINI, DELHI-110085  Ph.: 43001772


F.No.MDPS/SS/2017-18/143                           CIRCULAR                                                       Date:21.08.18

Grades : LKG to XII

Dear Parent,

A Parent Teacher Meeting will be held on 25th August, 2018 (Saturday). The timings for the same are 8:30 am to 11:30 am. As the school respects the individuality of every child and value the time of parents, the PTM has been scheduled according to the Roll numbers of the students. You are requested to adhere the same for the smooth functioning and for getting the individual quality time for discussion of your ward?s progress.

            Roll Nos.           1 to 8                       08:30 am to   09:00 am                  

                                       9 to 16                     09:00 am to   09:30 am

                                       17 to 24                   09:30 am to   10:00 am

                                       25 to 32                   10:00 am to   10:30 am

                                       33 to 40                   10:30 am to   11:00 am                                

                                       41 onwards             11:00 am to   11:30 am

Students accompanying their parents must come in school uniform only





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Inter House Solo Dance Competition (Nursery Wing)

Inter House Solo Dance Competition

Unity in diversity was well reflected in Mother Divine Public school, Nursery Wing on 21st August 2018 i.e. Tuesday  when students came up beautifully dressed  and geared up for their vibrant colourful dance performances wrapped in patriotic fervor. The foot tapping peppy songs echoed in school seemed to bring alive the feeling of patriotism again. The synergy which could be felt was worth appreciating. The performances were complimented with props and costumes nicely. All the students received much deserving applause and best out of rest were awarded as well.

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Rakhi Making Competition (Primary Wing)

Rakhimaking Competition (Grades I to V)

Near or far wherever you are.

My best whishes are with you.

Tum jiyo hazaron saal.

May success and joy be yours everyday

Yahi  hai meri wish dil se

"Happy Raksha Bandhan"

The school organized a special event to make students aware about the significance of this festival. The school organized a Rakhi Making Competition of class I to V. The students joined in this celebration which was aimed at strengthening the bond of love. All the students participated with great zeal and zest in the creative competition of Rakhi Makings. Lots of creative and colourful rakhis were made by the students. Students were familiarized with the custom and rituals followed on Raksha Bandhan. Girls tied Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers. Girls offered candies to boys and boy gave gifts in returns. All the designs were so creative and fascinating yet, in the final assessment the first place was bagged by...

Grade - I

I -A Nasharfh Ali                    I-B Palakshi                   I-C Priyansh        

I-D Shristi                               I-E Arujan


Grade - II

II-A  Aafaq                              II-B Agrima                   II-C  Aditya Kumar

II-D Tanya                               II- E Tammn                 

Grade - III

III-A Harshika                         III-B Yashika                 III-C Gopal

III-D Bhavya                           III-E Khushi

Grade IV

IV-A Jatin                               IV-B Anjelina                IV-C Dhanvi       

IV-D Siya Arora                      IV-E Khushi

Grade V

V-A Sadaka Arif                     V-B Aditya Bhardwaj

V-C Akshra Mittal                    V-D Mahima Agarwal
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Mission Green School

Mission Green School

The Best Time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now

The native trees have adapted so well to their environment that they consume less resources and still flourish. To reinforce positive attitude and to instill values towards preserving native species of trees, Prakriti Mahotsav was celebrated in the school on 16th August, 2018. The students of class XI enthusiastically planted different varieties of trees like Mango, Bael, Amla, Arjuna, Jamun. Each tree was given a unique name i.e. on the name of MARTYRS for a personal touch.

It was a fruitful exercise towards nature conservation.
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Preliminary /Oral Test schedule for First Terminal Examinations (UKG)

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Preliminary /Oral Test schedule for First Terminal Examinations (LKG)

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Independence Day Celebration (Primary Wing)

Independence Day - Special Assembly

 A special assembly was conducted on 14th August, 2018 to mark the  Independence Day Celebration with great enthusiasm in the school. The ceremony started with the flag hosting in the school playground by the director Ms. Anju Mehta, the in-charges Ms. Nutan Gupta and Ms. Priyanka Luthra. A short and crisp speech on Independence Day was delivered by a student of grade V. Children sang patriotic songs. Students portrayed themselves as Freedom Fighters such as Annie Besant, Jhalkari Bai, Aruna Asaf Ali, Ram Prasad Bismil. This was followed by a colourful dance performance by students. These performances filled the air with national pride. 
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Cultural Exchange Program - Hyderabad

Taking a leap in

Cultural Exchange Programme


India is such a vast country that within India there are millions and billions of things to learn. Keeping the same in mind, the school has taken a step forward to exchange culture within different parts of India as well. We invited guests from HYDERABAD, the city of rich regal legacy, the city which has a lot to unfold. Among the guest there were:

        Mr. Mohammad Anwar the Director, Ms. Perminder Kaur, a teacher alongwith 6 students M.A. Ideal High School, Hyderabad.

        Ms. Padmavathi Chouhan, a teacher alongwith 5 students Oshin High School, Hyderabad.

        Mohd. Mastan, the teacher alongwith 3 students, St. Suleman High School, Hyderabad.

        Mohd. Shafi, the teacher of the same school alongwith 5 students, Monarch High School, Hyderabad.

There was one more guest Mohd. Ahmed Hussain from Supreme High School and Junior College.

A welcome ceremony was held in the school library on 13th August, 2018. Ms. Nutan Gupta and Ms. Priyanka welcomed the guests by presenting bouquets. This visit would certainly open new avenues of knowledge and wisdom for both the host and the guests.
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Independence Day Celebration (Nursery Wing)

Independence Day Celebration

To commemorate the sacrifices of our ancestors made and to pay tribute to their laborious efforts 72nd Independence day was celebrated in Mother Divine Public School, Nursery Wing on 14th August 2018 i.e Tuesday with great Zeal and Enthusiasm. Ms. Anju Mehta graced the occasion and presided as the chief guest. Indian tricolor was unfurled after which a cultural program began. The speeches, songs, dance performances left everyone spellbound. The school choir enthralled the audience with the patriotic song "Saare Jaha Se Achaa..."

The highlight of the program was the enactment of the Indian freedom struggle which is still carried in LOC. This colorful presentation received much deserved applause from the spectators . The zeal and zest shown by the students proved that every Indian whether a child or an adult valued the freedom that India has secured after innumerable sacrifices. Motivational & encouraging words from the chief guest Ms Anju Mehta and Nursery Head Ms. Seema Sharma enlightened everyone.

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Fashion Boom - Indian Freedom Fighters (Primary Wing)

Fashion Boom

Theme - Indian Freedom Fighters


The students of class I to III participated in 'Fashion Boom' with the theme of Indian Freedom Fighters on 13th August 2018. Students were beautifully dressed up as great personalities who sacrificed their lives to get independence. Everyone participated with full enthusiasm and deliver all the dialogues and slogans. The feeling of pride and sacrifice was visible in students.

Jai Hind!!
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