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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

The students of class V participated in ?Speeches of famous personalities of India? on 10th August, 2018. Students were beautifully dressed up as the famous personalities like Bhagat Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lakshmi Bai etc. They delivered the speech of 1-2 minutes duration. Everyone was jovial and enthuasiastic while delivering the speech and also was filled with the feeling of pride.
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Ramp Walk With the Theme - Freedom Fighters

Activity : Ramp Walk with the theme 'Freedom Fighters'

Blended with the patriotic fervour and gratitude, the little Divinians of Mother Divine  School, Nursery Wing rocked the stage with their confident and benevolent performances as freedom fighters during the Inter-class Ramp Walk Competition 10th August, 2018 i.e. Friday. The confidence, grace and beauty with which every student walked up the stage was commendable. The costumes, speeches and props used left everyone spellbound. This day indeed reminded everyone of the sacrifices our ancestors made. Winners were applauded and given the certificates as the token of appreciation.
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PPT Science (E-waste Recycling)



To make the students aware about on the burning issues of E-WASTE RECYCLING and COSMETIC SURGERY RISKS, the science department organized a power point presentation competition for the students of class XI on 10th August, 2018. Dr. Bhupendra Singh and Ms. Anju Mehta were the Guests of Honour. A team of two participants gave their presentations on a knowledgeable level in a logical order. The speakers were well prepared so they communicated their key points in short time frame. Ms. Mehta appreciated the efforts of the youngsters. She also explained the proper method of preparing a PPT presentation. The In-charge Ms. Nutan Gupta also congratulated the winners.

The following were judged as the best entries:-

1. Sakshi Negi and Divya Jaiswal - XI B

2. Abhishek Gunwant and Rishabh Jain - XI A

3. Khushi Mittal and Pragya Bisherwal - XI A

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Message Giving Day (Nursery Wing)

Message Giving Day

To pay regards to that selfless devotion towards the nation and acknowledge the sacrifices of our brave protectors  i.e. our soldiers, an activity was organized in Mother Divine Public school Nursery wing on 09th August 2018 i.e. Thursday. Parents participated whole heartedly by sending beautifully decorated messages. The Warmth and Emotions wrapped in the messages with patriotic fervor really proved an unspoken admiration towards the martyrs. Along with the parents every student and staff member saluted their undying spirit.

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Science Debate Competitions (Senior Wing)

Science Debate

Science Department of School organized debate for the students of class XII - A. Topics for the debate were 'Nuclear Energy is better than Fossil Fuels' and 'Ancient Medical Science is better than Modern Medical Science'.

Students were enthusiastic in presenting their views in favour or against the motion. Students talked about the benefits of Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy along with allopathy. Some students talked about the pollution free nuclear fuel whereas others were in favour of fossil fuels which is highly efficient, easily available and easy to transport.

The best entries are as follows:

1. Jahanvi Masson

2. Deepali Singh

3. Yashita

4. Abdullah Arham

5. Rohan

6. Akash Nirvan
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First Terminal Examination SCHEDULE OF PRACTICALS (GRADES XI AND XII) 2018-2019

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Charity Beings At Home (Nursery Wing)

"Charity begins at home"

A very famous and powerful quote which ignites the feeling of kindness and humanism amongst all. It is also believed that no other act can serve to the mankind and the nation other than the charity. Considering the same, a donation campaign was organized in Mother Divine Public school, Nursery Wing on 08th August 2018 i.e. Wednesday. Students came up with beautiful & useful old books, notebooks, pencils, pencil box, clothes etc. to extend a helping hand. The spirit & enthusiasm which reflected in their behavior needed no words to express their gratitude towards the society. Their gesture to help the needy and donate them the things was successfully taken up by the staff, students and parents as well.
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Ad Mania Performed By Class X

Ad Mania Performed By Class X

An Ad Maina Competition was organized for the students of class X on 8th August, 2018. There were 3 entries from each section. The Students came up with innovative ideas to advertise their product as supreme to others. The best entries were selected on the basis of their Contents, Presentations, Dialogue Delivery and Overall impact.

Best Entries are as follows:

I: Priyanshi Arora, Mayank, Rishita, Anu and Utsav - X A

I: Suhani, Yashika, Janvi, Deepika and Sakshi - X C

II: Kanishka, Ishika, Nivedita, Srishti and Priyanshi Sehgal - X A

III: Priyansh Malhotra, Sumit Chendra Das, Ronit, Lavish and  Vishu Bansal - X A

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Subject Enrichment Activity Schedule (2018-19) Grade I to V

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