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Circular for LKG to XII (Razzmatazz 2018)


SECTOR-3 ROHINI, DELHI-110085  Ph.: 43001772


F.No.MDPS/SS/2018-19/223                                    CIRCULAR                                          Date: 10.10.2018

      (Grades: LKG to XII)

Dear Parent,

The school shall remain closed on Friday, 12th October 2018 on account of 15th M.L. Budhraja Memorial Inter School Competition - 'RAZZMATAZZ' to be held in the school in the memory of the Founder of the School.



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Dramatization Competition - Violence Against Old Age (Senior Wing)


(Violence Against Old Age)


'Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years.'


Old people are the back bone and roots of a family. Now a days violence against them is reported on an everyday basis. We all must raise our voice against it. To spread awareness among the growing children a Dramatization Competition was held on the topic 'Violence Against Old Age' for grades VI and VII on 5th October 2018 (Friday).


Dr. Bhupinder Singh Sir, Mrs. Anju Mehta Ma'am and Mrs. Nutan Gupta Ma'am graced the occasion. They appreciated the efforts of the children. They also came up with their own views on the issue.


The performance of grades VI - C, VII - C and VII - D were declared as the best entries.

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Paper Folding Activity (Primary Wing)

Paper Folding Activity

To enhance the motor skills of the student, Primary Wing of MDPS organised 

Paper Folding Activity   for Grade 1, 2  on 4.10.2018

Children were given the opportunity to enhance their motor skills by participating actively in a paper folding activity. They were motivated to use their magical fingers to show something creative. Children of Grade I made dog and children of Grade II made fish with the help of origami sheet. The activity was very enjoyable and the children enjoyed it thoroughly.
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Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever"...GANDHIJI

To pay tribute to the great national leader and freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Divine Public School, Nursery Wing celebrated birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on     01st October 2018 with  great enthusiasm and joy .A devotional ambience prevailed as the program started with a prayer song "Vaishno vachan te". Students spoke about Gandhi ji's life, his freedom struggle & principles eloquently .It was also highlighted that his non violence & truth are very well incorporated by every Indian. Vibrant dance performances on the songs "Maa Tujhai salaam", "Saabarmati k sant tunai" &  "Ye hai Bapu ki Laathi" mesmerized everyone. Encouraging & kind words from the Nursery Head Ms Seema Sharma inspired everyone to imbibe the values given by Mahatma Gandhi. The programme concluded with the National Anthem

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Teacher Day Celebration (Nursery Wing)
To express the gratitude and appreciation for the teaching faculty, Teachers' day was celebrated in Mother Divine Public School, Nursery Wing on 05th September 2018 i.e. Wednesday. This day is dedicated to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan - Second President of India and to give a tribute to the great academic philosopher and one of the most well known diplomats, the day was observed with great enthusiasm and delight. Students presented a marvelous heart grabbing song "Aapko teachers kartai hai naman". Foot tapping dance performance with the song "We love u teachers" enthralled everyone. Special tag lines given to teachers and a ramp walk with their tiny replicas were the highlights of the programme. Kind words in appreciation of teacher's hardwork from Mrs Seema Sharma , Nursery Head left a beautiful smile on all the teachers' faces. 
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Circular for LKG to XII (Founder Day)


SECTOR-3 ROHINI, DELHI-110085  Ph.: 43001772


F.No.MDPS/SS/2018-19/168                        CIRCULAR                                              Date: 04.09.18

                                                                   Grade : LKG to XII

Dear Parent,


The school shall remain closed on 06th September 2018, Thursday on account of Founder's Day.




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Janmashtami Celebration (Nursery Wing)

Mother Divine Public school, Nursery Wing celebrated Janmashtami with great passion and zeal on 31st August 2018 i.e. Friday. Students donned the roles of Lord Krishna and Radha amongst many characters related to the festival. The vibrant dance performances on the songs "Wo Kisnaa Hai", "Maiyaa Yashoda Ye Tera" mesmerised everyone. Beautifully dressed up Krishna?s stole the audience  hearts'.

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Circular For LKG to XII (Janmashtami)


SECTOR-3, ROHINI, DELHI-110085 Ph.: 43001772


F.No.MDPS/SS/2018-19/165                                       Circular                                             Date: 31.08.18

(Classes LKG to XII)

Dear Parent,

The school shall remain closed on 03rd September 2018 (Monday) on account of Janmashtami.




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Green School Drive (Primary Wing)

Green School Drive


'Think Green', Act Green', 'Eat Green', 'Shop Green','Go Green'.

With the main objective of preserving our environment, Mother Divine School celebrated a 'Go Green Drive' on 30th Aug, 2018 with an array of events contributing to the need for a greener planet. The environmental soldiers of grade 5, participated in eco-friendly activities doing every bit in ensuring that our planet continues to be a pristine place for us and our future generations to live in.

They formed human chains carrying message to save environment. Slogan speaking activity was also conducted in the classes. This was an enriching experience for the students.

"Action speaks louder than words". This is what the students did by following the 3 R's of the environment - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They switched off the lights in classrooms and staffrooms whenever not required, stressing on the need to conserve energy.
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National Sports Day (N.W.)

National Sports Day

To commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Major Dhyaan Chand, a renowned National Hockey Player, the National Sports Day was celebrated on 28th and 29th August 2018 in Mother Divine Public  School, Nursery Wing. Different sports activities were planned by Edu sports department to Horne the gross motor skills and acknowledge the day. The excitement with which students showcased their sportsman spirit and participation was commendable. Winners of the races were awarded certificates as a token of appreciation. The whole school participated wholeheartedly.

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