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IGL Environmental Awareness Programm


It was a great experience with IGL Environmental Awareness Program held on 7th August, 2018 in Mother Divine Public School premises. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Dr. Bhupendra Singh,

The Jury comprised of Ms. Nutan Gupta, Ms. Komal, Ms. Anju Mehta and Ms. Lakshmi Hariharan who motivated the students. The event was carried under the able guidance of Coordinator Ms Sandhya Chahal,  IT Persons Ms. Sunita Malhari and Ms. Pooja Naruka

It was about spreading awareness in schools about how PNG is more efficient and how we can be with great champs schools and homes. In total 8 of the participants got selected from 'Quiz Mania' and 'Pecha Kucha' rounds who will be competing in Inter School competition with other 800 kids from all over Delhi. The winners were

Navya Mittal, Prakriti Tathagat - Grade VI

Sneha Gupta, Bhavya Bhardwaj, Khushi Sharma, Aseem Arora - Grade VIII

Vaibhav Sachdeva, Oshin Bhatia - Grade XI

So let?s, find out, who is more green? If you are not, log on to www.iglonline in and go green today be adopting PNG connections at your home. Here are few glimpses from the day. 

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Dumb Charades- Learning with fun (Primary Wing)

Dumb Charades- Learning with fun

Dumb Charades is always a unique, exciting and challenging experience. As rightly said "There can be no learning without action, and no action without learning."

 The primary wing of the school organised Dumb Charades on 3 August, 2018 for Grade IV and V. There were various rounds such as Spellathon, Vocab Round, Action Round and Visual round. The teams showcased their talent by exhibiting a fine display of acting, gestures and guessing skills.

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Group Discussion (English Club Activity) Senior Wing

English Club Activity

Group Discussion

Topic: Growing Intolerance, Aggression and Violence among the Teens

2 August, 2018

English club of the school organized Group Discussion on 2nd August, 2018. The topic was Growing Intolerance, Aggression and Violence among the Teens. Students of class XII participated in the discussion with a great fervour. They discussed about the impact of cinema and technology on the young minds. They also gave vent to their views on too much stress of exams, marks and competition, which is affecting the mental health of teens. Another matter of concern discussed was high expectations of parents from their children, which is making them frustrated. Students were also of the view that peer pressure, alcoholism, drugs are also other factors which contribute to increase in aggression and intolerance among the teens.

In the end, while giving suggestions, students expressed the need of meditation, counselling, outdoor games, yoga and exercise to deal with this problem. They were also of the view that elders should keep an eye on the activities of teens and spend quality time with them.

Mrs. Anju Mehta also joined the session in the end. She had an interactive session with students on various issues. It was very enriching experience for everyone. 

This event was a great success; in fact, students found it a kind of introspection to find the faults with in.

Following Groups were adjudged as best entries:-




Group C


Deepali Singla


Vijay Bhasin


Jahanvi Masson

Anmol Khokher

Muskan Chauhan

Kashish Dua

Drishti Upreti

Ritik Garg

Keshav Bhatheja


Group D

Gunjan Sharma

Akanksha Mittal

Rishabh Mudgil

Kritika Khanna

Akshit Jain

Ayush Ketan


Group A

Khushi Arora

Yashika Goyal

Mannat Batra

Drishti Rajore


Deepanshi Jain

Deepa Gupta

Anjali Panwar

Prerna Sharma

Varsha Dogra


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Circular For Patriotic Week (LKG and UKG)

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Story Dramatisation (Nursery Wing)


To inculcate the values and build a character, story dramatization is the best medium. Working on the same principle, English Story dramatization for the classes LKG & UKG was done in Mother Divine Public School (Nursery Wing) on 01st August 2018 i.e. Wednesday on the stories "The Hare and the Tortoise" & "The Fox and The Crow". Stories were well portrayed by the students as they did full justice to their characters. The dialogues delivered with proper intonation & bursting expressions were appreciated by the audience. Beautiful performances with dance & drama created an ambience for exemplary photography .

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Role Play - Meri Beti Mera Abhiman (Senior Wing)

Meri Beti Mera Abhiman (A Role Play)


'Without a girl child, a house is not a

home, she is goddess personified'


To rever and acknowledge the girl child, a role play was held on 31st July, 2018 for class VIII on topic 'Meri Beti Mera Abhiman' to promote women empowerment and gender equality.


Following entries were selected as the best -

VIIIB (Group B)

VIIIB (Group A)

VIIIB (Group C)

VIIIC (Group A)

Diya Sindhu


Riya Taneja

Utkarsh Dabas

Granth Rana

Saksham Bansal

Gaurav Gupta

Khushi Sharma

Charvi Singh

Riya Goyal

Khushi Rawal

Ayush Garg

Kanishka Garg

Purti Chopra

Rishika Thakral

Smriti Khurana

Pratham Jain

Rishab Garakoti

Aishna Jain

Aparna Gakhar

Nishtna Bhardwaj

Samarth Yadav


Karan Datwari


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Inter House Drawing Competition (Nursery Wing)

Inter House Drawing competition

Competitions provide an opportunity to horne the artistic skills of students. Considering the same, an Inter House Drawing competition was organized on 30th July 2018 i.e. Monday in Mother Divine public school (Nursery Wing). It seemed as if the students have poured out their hearts & emotions on their canvases in a beautiful way. Their sketches were worth seeing and grabbed everyone's attention.

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An Interactive Session with Mr. Roy Andersen

An Interactive session with Mr. Roy Andersen

"To open the mind, you must first open the heart"

An interactive session on "Art of Teaching" was organized for the teachers by the school on 28th July 2018. The resource person Mr. Roy Andersen, a recognized global educational expert, emphasized that education is the only means of empowering people. He apprised the teachers with the new millennium challenges ushered in by a dramatic technology revolution. He reiterated the fact that the role of teachers is to be responsive to the socio cultural ethos and national development. The work shop focused on a clear understanding of how the students learns, how the teachers can improve their skills, and how they can improve the performance ability of their students to help them get better grades.  

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Science Powerpoint Presentation Competition (S.R.)

Science PPT Competition

Biodiversity is the key, so we can all live in glee

Mother Divine Public School organized Science PPT competition based on the topic "Conserving Biosphere - An Innovative Approach" on 27th July, 2018 in Library for class IX. The children came up with various innovative methods to save the environment. They also emphasized upon various rules and regulations made by the Govt. in this regard. The judges gave their words of wisdom to the students for further improvement in their presentation and to take it to a higher level. It was very motivating to hear them. Overall it was great learning experience for everyone.

The winners are as following -

Position           Name of the Students          Class

I                       Naina Sharma                       IX-A

II                      Ashish                                   IX-C

III                      Riya Bansal                          IX-A
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Elocution Competition (Nursery Wing)

Elocution Competition

"Admiration comes easy to a person who is endowed with the fine art of public speaking".

These famous words wondered on, in the minds of all those who witnessed the "Intra House Elocution competition" on 26th July, 2018 i.e. Thursday in Mother Divine Public School (Nursery Wing). The participants well exhibited their opinions and thoughts in their presentations which made the competition interesting and captivating. Everyone was moved by the efforts of the students. Best entries were applauded and received certificates for their marvelous efforts.
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