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Workshop on Life Skills

Mother Divine Public School

Report of the workshop

Topic: 'Life- Skills'

Resource Person :- Mr. Kamalneet Singh

A workshop was organized at Mt. Abu School on the 22nd day of December on  'Life Skills' , by the Forum of Public Schools which was attended by Mrs. Neelam Bhatnagar and Ms. Sapna Bhardwaj. The resource person who was a representative of 'Promise' showed us different ways to bring about desired changes without even making a person realize about it . He laid emphasis on -

'People who SMILE tend to teach , manage , and sell better'

 The workshop was worth appreciating and led all the participant  re-sail their journey of learning in a totally new and enthusiastic manner . Such workshop should be encouraged not only for teachers but for learners too.
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Workshop on ASL (Assessment of Speaking & Listening Skills)

A Report on ASL Workshop


A workshop is a way of renting an audience and making sure you?re communicating what you think you?re communicating.


A two day workshop was conducted by CBSE to guide the English teachers for assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills in Lovely Public School, Preet Vihar on 21-22 December, 2015.


Ms. Deepa Gupta attended the workshop on behalf of the English Department of the School. As ASL is an integral part of English Language Examination, it is important for the teachers to understand the correct methodology to carry out the assessment. In the workshop, both the resource persons Ms. Amika Handa and
Ms. Madhumita Sengupta discussed various aspects of ASL.


It was explained that during the assessment of speaking skills, utmost precautions should be taken to rule out the subjectivity of the examiner. Many activities were conducted to train the 140 English teachers from all over the city. Videos were shown to highlight the various situations which the teachers confronted during the assessment process. The workshop was successful in removing the doubts and delimmas from the minds of the teachers. It provided a very effective platform for the brainstorming session of the teachers which helped them in honing their skills as ASL assesses.
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