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Attempting the Largest Diabetes Awareness Lesson

Attempting 'The largest Diabetes Awareness Lesson'

Lions Club Coordination Committee of India Association organized Diabetes Awareness Programme on 20th November, 2017 in Mother Divine Public School, Rohini, Delhi-85. 1372 students of the school participated in the awareness campaign. The aim was to make the children aware of the various ways to avoid Diabetes.

The experts dwelt at length on the causes, symptoms and prevention of Diabetes. They informed students about how to confront this global health emergency treatment programs and how to improve quality of life. The students listened to the entire lesson carefully and vowed to do their best to avoid the disease.
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Clay Moulding Competition (Nursery Wing)


Activities are a medium to articulate oneself innovatively and creatively. One more chance to showcase the artistic skills and to master the imagination, an intra class clay moulding competition was organized on 20th November 2017 i.e. Monday. Students brought alive the clay with their imagination. They moulded it into different objects according to the theme "Literary" given. The desire to present their thoughts and compete with others for their masterpiece was quite substantial. 
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Story Dramatisation (Nursery Wing)


Story dramatization is the best way to enhance creativity and to present situations for problem solving. This is the best medium to express, enact and pour out emotions in an appealing way. Giving the students one more prospect to give wings to their imagination and sharpen their communication skills, a story dramatization for LKG "The lion and the mouse" & for UKG "A Farmer and the golden egg" took place on 16th November 2017 i.e. Thursday. Students presented the story beautifully with self expressed dialogues.Their appearance and gestures fascinated the spectators.
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Fairy Tales (English Club Activity) P.W.



Fairy tales are inspirational and they leave a deep mark in our lives. When moral lessons are integrated well within a fairy tale, it leaves a deep residing memory in every individual.


On 16th November 2017,  English club of Mother Divine Public School Primary Wing decided to play act the fairy tale of Snow White. This tale was beautifully enacted by the 4th and 5th graders, who put an amazing performance . The performance was witnessed by the grade 5 students who ended up giving them a standing ovation at the end and lots of happy memories.


The story of snow white revolves heavily around the definition of  Beauty, Vanity, and danger of being  Arrogant, and its not Beauty on the outside which matters, but the one that is Inside. It teaches us a lesson in how you conduct yourselves in front of others with Humility and Nobility.

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Circular for LKG & UKG (Literary Week)

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Hindi Vaad Vivad Pratiyogita

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Children Talent Hunt (Primary Wing)

Children's Talent Hunt


The primary wing conducted a Talent Hunt programme for the students of grades I to V on the occasion of Children's Day. All the students participated whole heartedly. They sang, danced, played guitar, acted, showed magic tricks, recited poems and played Casio. It was absolutely amazing to see young stars showing the oodles of talent in them. It was very difficult but 3 best entries were chosen from each class. The whole activity was highly exciting and enjoyable.
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Children Day-2 (Nursery Wing)


To commemorate the birth anniversary of First Prime Minister of Free Nation, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru the second day celebration continued with a colossal cultural program on 15th November 2017 i.e. Wednesday in the Mother Divine Public School, Nursery Wing. A colorful program crammed with songs, speeches, dance performances and ballad really marked the day. A ballad where tiny tots interacted with Chacha Nehru grabbed the attention of everyone. Unexpected arrival of Mickey Mouse, the favourite cartoon character in the school to tap its foot on melodious songs mesmerized everyone. Students were overwhelmed with the happiness which showcased that the celebration really worth celebrating .
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Children Day (Nursery Wing)

                                                CHILDREN'S DAY CELEBRATION

Children's Day Celebration at Mother Divine Public School, Nursery Wing on 14th November 2017 was a tribute to the great leader Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India. His love for the children was marked in Children's Day celebration by continuing it for two days celebration & organizing a special Magic show on day one. The programme commenced with the welcome of special invitees who were there with us for Exchange Programme. Lunch was followed by distribution of sweets in the form of toffees. It was an extraordinary day for kids but the zest of the event was absorbed by everyone's heart.

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School shall remain closed on 9th and 10th Nov. 2017
Dear Parent 
As per circular issued by DCM, the school shall remain closed on 9th & 10th November, 2017 for classes LKG to XII due to poor air quality. It will re-open on Monday, 13th November, 2017. 
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