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Date Sheet of Unit Test - 1 (Grade XI)

Mother Divine Public School

Datesheet of Unit Test - I

Grade- XI Session : 2018-2019










B.St./Phy./Pol. Science











Duration of Exam :  50 min.

Time of Exam : 8.25 a.m. to 9.15 a.m. during school hours

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Gabfest (Senior Wing)


'cashless economy is secure, it is clean. You have leadership role to play in taking India towards an increasingly digital Economy'

- Narender Modi


The world is changing fast and to keep pace with time, it?s time for us to accept the new changes. To promote the cashless transactions & to enhance the current affairs, the Economics Department of Mother Divine Public School conducted 'GABFEST' on 12th July, 2018, Thursday for the students of class XII. The topic of discussion was 'CRYPOCURRENCIES'. The students dedicatedly & enthusiastically participated in discussion and presented their viewpoints in different ways like one to one talk, PPT etc.

It was a highly enriching session for everyone. It also fostered among the students a spirit to accept new changes and desire to excel in every task undertaken.

The Best Entries of the event are as follows : -

Team F     Arzu Bhardwaj, Shruti Gehlot,           XII-E

                Muskaan Jindal, Vanshika Bhugra         

Team E     Kushagra Nag, Prachi,                       XII-E

                Arushi Bansal, Vanshika Sharma

Team A     Riya, Hirdi, Rounak, Ankit                  XII-C        

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Story Dramatisation (Nursery Wing)


The day began with enthusiasm when little students of Mother Divine Public School, Nursery Wing came beautifully dressed up as different characters of the stories. They dramatized the stories titled "The Thirsty Crow" & "Monkey and the cap seller" so eloquently that everyone present over there was spellbound.

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Handwriting Competition (Primary Wing)

Handwriting Competition


A neat and beautiful writing always seeks the attention of others. To develop awareness and love for good handwriting, a Handwriting Competition was conducted on 11 July, 2018 for grade I to V. All the students participated enthusiastically in the event. The students were asked to write one page in the best of their handwritings. They were judged on the basis of neatness, formation and spacing. The competition brought out the talent and creativity of students. It was a successful event and 3(three) students from each section were adjudged winners.
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Fruit & Vegetable Mart (Nursery Wing)

Fruit & Vegetable mart

Eat healthy today

Keeps a doctor away

Fruits & vegetables do not fight disease; it is their absence that causes disease. To communicate the same thought among students an attractive "Fruit & Vegetable Mart" with fresh seasonal fruits & vegetables was set up in school premises on 9th & 10th July, 2018.

Moreover, to enhance the value of fruits our school already provides variety of fruits to all the students.

The hall was abuzz with excited children as they saw a variety of colorful fruits & vegetables on display. A vendor was also arranged along with the weighing machine to give the children a firsthand experience in selecting & buying fruits. The tiny tots were guided about how one should first wash each fruit before eating, how  the different types of fruit & vegetable look like from the outside as well as inside. Not only did they see them, they also smelled, felt & tasted them. The exercise thus used a multi-sensory approach to engage the children. At the end, it was an enjoyable activity for the kids as they explored variety of fruits & vegetables. Definitely it was a "Fruitful" experience for the little blossoms too.

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Assessment Policy for Grade I to V

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Debate Competition

Debate Competition

A very powerful mode of putting one?s thought in front of others is debating. On 6th July, 2018 a debate competition was held on the topic 'Declining Moral Values Among the Students'. The debaters spoke with aplomb. They put forth their points based on logical and factual aspects.

It was an eye opening session as it proved to be quite relevant for the students.

The following students emerged as the best interlocutors.

S. No.


Class / Section



Gungun Jain




Minal Suman













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Creative Writing Competition




"You can make anything by writing."


An Inter class Competition was held for grade 4 & 5 on 6 July 2018 on the topic - Save Environment Save Life.  All the students participated and expressed their view and idea to save the environment.  Their thinking went beyond their imagination and their expressions were remarkable.


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Van Mahotsav

Van Mahotsav

Van Mahotsav, the festival of tree plantation was organized in Mother Divine Public School on 5th July, 2018. Many students of class 3 to 5 participated in plantation programme where in different types of plants were planted by the students. Some students also participated in poster making activity to promote environment awareness.

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Monthly Planner July - UKG

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