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Inter House Drawing Competition (Nursery Wing)

Inter House Drawing competition

Competitions provide an opportunity to horne the artistic skills of students. Considering the same, an Inter House Drawing competition was organized on 30th July 2018 i.e. Monday in Mother Divine public school (Nursery Wing). It seemed as if the students have poured out their hearts & emotions on their canvases in a beautiful way. Their sketches were worth seeing and grabbed everyone's attention.

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An Interactive Session with Mr. Roy Andersen

An Interactive session with Mr. Roy Andersen

"To open the mind, you must first open the heart"

An interactive session on "Art of Teaching" was organized for the teachers by the school on 28th July 2018. The resource person Mr. Roy Andersen, a recognized global educational expert, emphasized that education is the only means of empowering people. He apprised the teachers with the new millennium challenges ushered in by a dramatic technology revolution. He reiterated the fact that the role of teachers is to be responsive to the socio cultural ethos and national development. The work shop focused on a clear understanding of how the students learns, how the teachers can improve their skills, and how they can improve the performance ability of their students to help them get better grades.  

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Science Powerpoint Presentation Competition (S.R.)

Science PPT Competition

Biodiversity is the key, so we can all live in glee

Mother Divine Public School organized Science PPT competition based on the topic "Conserving Biosphere - An Innovative Approach" on 27th July, 2018 in Library for class IX. The children came up with various innovative methods to save the environment. They also emphasized upon various rules and regulations made by the Govt. in this regard. The judges gave their words of wisdom to the students for further improvement in their presentation and to take it to a higher level. It was very motivating to hear them. Overall it was great learning experience for everyone.

The winners are as following -

Position           Name of the Students          Class

I                       Naina Sharma                       IX-A

II                      Ashish                                   IX-C

III                      Riya Bansal                          IX-A
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Elocution Competition (Nursery Wing)

Elocution Competition

"Admiration comes easy to a person who is endowed with the fine art of public speaking".

These famous words wondered on, in the minds of all those who witnessed the "Intra House Elocution competition" on 26th July, 2018 i.e. Thursday in Mother Divine Public School (Nursery Wing). The participants well exhibited their opinions and thoughts in their presentations which made the competition interesting and captivating. Everyone was moved by the efforts of the students. Best entries were applauded and received certificates for their marvelous efforts.
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Comedy Show (S.R.)

Comedy Show


Life is better when you are laughing

Laughter is timeless Imagination has no age and when they both come together, they create wonders. Students of class X had everyone in splits when they performed hilarious skits for English Club Activity on 26th July, 2018 i.e. Thursday.

One team performed as space explorers who met an alien during their Mars visit. The whole encounter was indeed so comical and absurd that the entire audience laughed hysterically. Another team depicted a dilemma of a family who went to a French restaurant only to find that they had ordered their own "discarded at home" khichri. Their plight won them a peal of uproarious laughter.  

The senior in-charge Ms. Nutan Gupta appreciated the efforts of the children. 

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Mathematics Powerpoint Presentation

Maths Powerpoint Presentation


"Expanding the horizon

Squeezing the World"


Learning is not restricted to classrooms only. Infact it is beyond classroom in real world. Keeping this in mind, Mathematics Department organized power point presentation competition on the topic 'Application of Calculus in Real Life' for class XII students on 25th July, 2018. Students participated enthusiastically and gave demonstration an importance of calculus in day-to-day life by giving real life examples and by integrating the topic to different subjects.


The senior in-charge Ms. Nutan Gupta appreciated the efforts of students and gave away prizes to the winners. Harsh, Rounak & Ankit of class XIIC.

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Show & Tell (Primary Wing)

Show and Tell

With an objective to create and educate the students of class I and II about the Natural and Man-made things, a show and tell activity was conducted at Mother Divine Public School (Primary Wing) on 25th July, 2018. Students spoke with great enthusiasm about different things gifted to us by nature and made by Man's Creativity. The support and hard work of the parents was really praise worthy.
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Workshop on Non Violence


Violent incidents have become rampant in today's world. The students also indulge in violence often. To understand this menace and learning how to deal with it is urgent, therefore a workshop was organized for the students of class VIII on Non-Violence on July 24, 2018. Mrs.Vandana Bahnot was the resource person.

She touched upon the cause of anger and its aftermaths. According to her, meditation is the key to deal with anger. It helps not only to enhance focus but also makes a person loving and kind.

It was a fruitful & informative workshop for the kids.

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Craft Activity (NW)

Craft activity

Little aspirants of Mother Divine Public School (Nursery Wing) came up with beautiful artifacts when they enjoyed the craft activity on 24th July, 2018 i. e. Tuesday. Their imagination was molded into concrete presentations where they showcased their artistic and fine motor skills. They made attractive clouds with heavy rain drops covered with cotton. Their efforts were really praiseworthy.

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VIV MUN 2018

VIV MUN 2018


It was a matter of immense pleasure for Mother Divine Public School to get an opportunity to be a part of VIV MUN 2018. It was held from 13th to 14th July, 2018. It was the most memorable experience for the participants & faculty. Two days of enriching debates and inspiring agendas were not less than a blessing. It was the get together of brilliant and dynamic young think tanks representing the entire globe.


Our 27 delegates of various United Nations Committees got great exposure, broad vision and knowledge.

Chirag of class VIIA won Special Mention Award (Delegate excellence in U.N. committee UNSC Bolivia)


Such programmes further enhance the skill, confidence and capability of our children. 
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