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Maths Week (Day 3) Sudoku

Maths week (day 3) December 20, 2017

Sudoku- Game of mind , speed and accuracy

The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.


Sukodu activity was conducted for the students of grade XI on December 20, 2017.

All the students participated enthusiastically in the activity and proved their talent by solving puzzle in given time. Solving puzzle was fun and learning experience for everyone.


Following students were emerged as winners

NAME                       CLASS                   POSITION

Anshu Garg                XI A                       I

Ankit Raj                   XI A                       II

Manthan Garg            XI B                         III

Harsh Kansal             XI C                         Consolation


Mrs Nutan Gupta , the incharge appreciated the efforts of the participants and gave away the prizes to the winners

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Maths Week Fun With Tambola (Primary Wing)



'It's no lie..... we can multiply'

The school conducted a Maths Activity - 'Fun with Tambola' for grade I to V on December 20, 2017. Four teams 1. Calculus Heroes,  2. Number Ninjas,  3. Maths Survivor  4. Number Blasters participated with great enthusiasm and with full of excitement.

Winner team of the 'Fun with Tambola' is "Calculus Heroes". 

Aastha                         I - A

Devansh Raj                I - E

Ishaan                          I - C

Amogh                        II - A

Prateek                        III - E

Mohak                         IV - C

Pranav                         V - B

Anshuman                   V - A 

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Creating Book Cover and Making of a Story Book (PR)

Creating a Book Cover and Making of a Story Book (Primary)


"Every story I create, creates me. I write to create myself." Octavia E. Butler


Writing is the primary basis upon which your work, your intellect and your learning are judged. It makes your thinking visible. It also helps you to refine your ideas. Keeping all these things in mind, making of a story book and creating a book cover was held for Grade IV  and V students on 18th December, 2017 and 19th December, 2017 respectively. 

All the students participated and wrote various stories with the moral. The stories impressed the writing format and the use of vocabulary by the students. 
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Circular for I to XII

Mother Divine Public School

Sector-3, Rohini, Delhi - 110085



F.No.MDPS/SS/2017-18/428                                   Circular                                                          Date: 19.12.17

For Grades I - XII


Dear Parent

Kindly note that children will not be allowed to leave the school during school hours. In case of emergency, you will be informed telephonically and the child will be sent home with you.  If the child is sick, do not send the child to the school for his/her safety and the safety of other students.



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Sports Day Celebration (Nuresery Wingh)


"Medals are not really made of metal; They are made of sweat, determination & hard work."

The much awaited event Annual Sports Meet 2017-18 "Sports for Success & Glory" held on 15th December 2017 i.e. Friday in Mother Divine Public School, Nursery wing. Mr. Avhdesh Yadav, Sports Secretary, North west district Delhi, Zone 13 along with the senior Sports Faculty of Mother Divine School graced the occasion. The meet was declared open by Incharge ma'am, Mrs Seema Sharma followed by lighting of the flame which expressed the joy & rejoicement. Well synchronized dance drills on the peppy music & different exercises in the form of Aerobics, Taekwondo, Yoga etc. set the tenor for rest of the events. Races on the tracks were spectacular & impressive which rendered the spectators speechless & awestruck. Students' performance with Edu-Sports Gadgets was one more attraction of the day. The event culminated with the acknowledgement of the hard work of every member & distribution of the medals along with the certificates by the guests.
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Biz Bellicose (Debate)

Biz Bellicose

A Battle of words

'The value of E-commerce is not in the E, But in the Commerce'.


An event was conducted for the students of grade XI (Commerce) on December 15, 2017. The topic of the debate was - 'E-Commerce : A substitute or an addition to traditional trade?'


All the students spoke enthusiastically on the topic and came up with their perspective regarding the same. They proved their points by citing many practical examples. It was an enriching experience for everyone.


Following students were emerged as winners :-







Rounak Uppal




Riya Khanna




Harsh Kansal




Sahar Irfan




Kartik Taneja




Mrs. Nutan Gupta, the incharge also expressed her views supporting the traditional form of business. She also appreciated the efforts of participants and gave away the prizes to the students.

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Grammar Rap (English Club Activity)

We are the Rappers

We Rap the Grammar


The English Club of the school organized an activity of Grammar Rap for the students of Grade XI to channelize their energy in a right direction and to pace with the modern methods of learning.


The students presented their Raps on different Grammar topics such as Adjectives, Parts of Speech, Tenses etc. Each group was enthusiastic to perform better than other group. It was a wonderful amalgamation of conventional and modern learning. The event was ended with the echo of these words :


Tip Tap Rap

Rip Rap Tap

We are the Rappers

We Rap Rap Rap


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Inter House Cricket Match (LKG - Nursery Wing)

Inter House Cricket Match (LKG)

Success isn't given, it is earned on the track, on the field with sweat, tears and hardwork which  once again materialized when little aspirants of LKGs played for their teams with determination & willingness to compete. The match was worth watching. Students as well as teachers enjoyed the fun loving match and participated whole heartedly to win.
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Mass Reading Programme (III to V)

Mass Reading

Reading is pleasure. It carries the reader to another world and brings joy, contentment and a new perception.

To keep up with the tradition of holding Mass Reading for classes III to V from time to time, this time it was held on 12th December, 2017. The students relished the reading of this favourite books. It was a mesmerizing experience for both the teacher and the taught.

Hopefully this endeavor will give wings to the children?s imagination and help them bloom further.

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Inter House Cricket Match (Nursery Wing)


Sports are a medium to develop coordination, sports man spirit & brotherhood. It also helps the students to compete others with a joint effort. Giving the students one more opportunity to work on these principles, an Inter house Cricket Match for class UKG was organized today in Mother Divine Public School, Nursery Wing. The match commenced by the Incharge Ma?am with a toss for fielding or batting. Students? spirit to play and win was worth watching. They were keen to earn and make runs to get the winning trophy. The master stroke by Incharge ma?am & teachers echoed the school with loud holler. The match culminated with the trophy grabbed by one of the teams which marked the day.
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