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GK Olympiad (Nursery Wing)


GK Olympiad for the students of UKG on 8/12/2017 in Mother Divine Public School, Nursery Wing. Students came prepared .They were well versed with the content and syllabus provided to them earlier. The enthusiasm and excitement with which they performed and attempted the paper was commendable.
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Annual Sports Day

The sports - accepting challenges, feeling the exhilaration of victory

On 8th Dec., 2017, a warm sunny day the school celebrated Sports Day. The chief guest honorable Dr. Bhupender sir declared the games open, after lightening of the lamps.

Races, drills and athletic events were pure fun. The winners were jubilant, their joy knew no bounds. The losers did not give up, they fought to the finish.

These events would remain etched in children's memory even with the passage of time. The event 'Tug of War' by the students of grade XI was the main attraction. The vigure, zeal and enthusiasm were at its zenith. The winners were awarded with the medals. Everyone was jubilant on this day.
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SHOW & TELL (Nursery Wing)


Show and tell activity helps the students to gain confidence and improve their language skills by explaining their props in an interesting and innovative way on the stage. Today also Students came up with flying colours when they portrayed their props with well defined sentences on the topic "My Favourite Sport". They were really happy with the topic which was very well portrayed in their performances.
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Coputer Quiz (Senior Wing)

"Computers are like old Testament gods; lots of rule and mercy"


The school conducted a computer quiz for grades VI to VIII on December 6, 2017. The students participated with great enthusiasm and displayed lots of excitement. There was three rounds in it namely - Lucky Dip, Personality Revealed & Scratch Your Head It was a wonderful experience which enhanced their knowledge of computers.

Following students emerged as winners:-

Name of the students









Dhruv Bansal






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Mass Reading Programme

Mass Reading

Reading is pleasure. It carries the reader to another world and brings joy, contentment and a new perception.

To keep up with the tradition of holding Mass Reading for classes VI to X from time to time, this time it was held on 5th December, 2017. The students relished the reading of their favourite books. It was a mesmerizing experience for both the teachers and the students.

Hopefully this endeavor will give wings to the children?s imagination and help them bloom further.

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Symoposium on Human Rights

A Symposium on Human Rights

Human rights are the tools of a democratic nation. No country can progress & prosper without them. To uphold their value and to sensitize the students, a symposium was held for the classes IX & X.

The children interacted with great zeal. They spoke about the impediments on the way to grant of rights like apartheid, caste system, superstition, gender discrimination, dictatorship etc.

They also spoke at length on the way democratic nations grant rights to each & every citizen irrespective of one's origin, status or nationality. All the students were unanimous on the view that curtailment of right is like taking away the right to live.

The children were applauded by one & all. Hopefully they will be the harbinger of a new world where everyone has equal rights.
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Science Powerpoint Presentation Competition (S.R.)


There was a competition on Nov. 29, 2017 for grade XI students in which they prepared PPT on the themes - Nano Technology and Artificial Intelligence. The youngsters came up with beautiful and impressive presentations. Their entries were based on various researches and projects both in India and Abroad. They projected the future aspects of these two themes with well-defined pros & cons. The criteria of the judgment was content, presentation, graphics, colour scheme and background.

The following teams were given the prizes


Names of the participants



Udbhav Jain, Drishti Upreti



Shivam Aggarwal, Vinay Kumar



Prayag Saini, Manthan Garg



Isha Malhotra, Muskan Chauhan



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Hindi Hasya Kavi Sammelan (SR)

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d{kk & NBh

osfndk                          izFke                     NBh&M

v{kr                           f}rh;                    NBh&c

xkSjo jkuk                       r`rh;                    NBh&M


d{kk & lkroha

izopu tSu                       izFke                     lkroha&v

Hkwfe 'kekZ                        f}rh;                    lkroha&l

fj;k rustk                      r`rh;                    lkroha&c


d{kk & vkBoha

ekul vxzoky                    izFke                     vkBoha&l

lefdr tSu                     f}rh;                     vkBoha&l

uSuk 'kekZ                        r`rh;                     vkBoha&v
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Art & Craft Workshop

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."

An Art & Craft  workshop was held at Mother Divine Public School on November 24, 2017 for the students of grades III to VIII. Mr. Dhan Raj, a Craft Specialist from Delhi, mesmerized the young children with beautiful and amazing paper art. He folded and cut the paper in various shapes to create wonderful art pieces. It was an eye-opening experience for the young spectators who enjoyed the show thoroughly.   

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News Bulletin Presentation (SR)

News Bulletin Presentation


November, 24, 2017

An English club activity 'News Bulletin Presentation' was held on 24th November, 2017 in which students of grade VI and VII participated.


Students presented the news on National & International Events, inspirational personalities new inventions etc. Students came up with vivacious and innovative ideas. They really spoke with confidence and ease. They were applauded by everyone.


Following students emerged as winners : -



Name of the students




Priya Nanda




Mayank Sharma

Pragati Rai





Rishika Thakral

Pratham Jain

Utkarsh Dabas

Saksham Bansal

Rishab Garakoti





Samarth Yadav

Aishna Jain

Aseem Arora

Diya Jhakar

Kritika Tawar




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