Our Vision & Mission

“ Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, Engage me and I will understand ” - an old. chinese pro.

The philosophy of the school is essentially based upon the belief that every human being is unique and has the potential to rise to the true happiness which lies in living in harmony with nature.

At Mother Divine, the child seeks knowledge not because he ‘should’ but because he ‘wants’. The school offers value based education at each level. Presently the school is undergoing a project, aiming at making its students global citizens and moving towards “Internationalism”.

The school focuses on the child as an active learner. It recognizes the need for a child friendly non-threatening and supportive environment. It also emphasizes on connecting knowledge to life outside the school. Teaching methodology and curriculum are framed considering the need of an individual child where he is given liberty to learn at his own pace.