Dispersal Schedule for Grade VI to XII

Dear Parent,
We bring to your attention the revised arrangement at the dispersal time w.e.f. Thursday, 7th April 2022, which is as follows:

  • A systematic queuing system for parents and students has been created. We request parents to cooperate and follow the queuing system with social distancing on the parent side of the gate which will promote both safety and efficiency.
  • To ensure swift and unobstructed movement of students, we have staggered the dispersal time of students as mentioned below.

Dispersal Schedule w.e.f. Thursday, 7th April 2022:

S. NO. Class TIMINGS Pick-Up Point
1 XI & XII 1:50 p.m. Gate No. 4
2 IX & X 1:55 p.m. Gate No. 4
3 VIII 2:05 p.m. Gate No. 4
4 VII 2:05 p.m. Gate No. 3
5 VI 1:55 p.m. Gate No. 3